Sunday, 21 November 2004

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Wednesday, 27 October 2004

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

head in a jar replaces software consultants...

.... will be the next headline in New Scientist. Seriously, will be great when I can clone some of my brain cells, and contract them out to companies to do their software testing.

More here: Brain cells in a dish fly fighter plane

laptop lugger

ordered a laptop bag

no idea if it's any good, but hey. made by Trust. Na, I never heard of them either.

Update: bag is good - fits the 15" widescreen nx9105 (just!), and room for stacks of other junk to weigh it down with :-) bag itself is really light tho.

good coffee, bad coffee

bad coffee:
  • airports. all of them. even the costa/nero's etc - they seem to have the worst baristas and are always in the smoking section
  • M1 services - actually all service stops in the UK... Wont even heat up a danish in case the jam may burn a customer.
  • most starbucks - too milky, weak coffee, tastes like they havent cleaned the machine in a month, rude staff, taking over the world... well maybe thats going a bit far!
  • Benjys cappuchino - cheap, hot, caffine in it (the danish/pastry to go with it makes up for any shortfall in the coffee quality ;-) )
  • Delice de France cappuchino - see above...

good coffee:
  • whittards blue columbian (i think? ~£9-£10/kg) for plungers/caffiteres. yum yum
  • Flat white coffee, ruby in the dust (Dunedin, NZ) - tho i'm not sure if it still exists
  • Flat white coffee, Espressoholic (Wellington, NZ) - open late (2-3am?), funky music, pinball machines, eggs benidict (mmm the best brunch food)
  • Any coffee, Chocolate Fish Cafe (Wellington, NZ) - where else would you get a chocolate fish with a coffee :-)
  • Any French/Italian cafe - never had a bad coffee in France or Italy... ever....

good sushi, bad sushi

Good sushi:

K10 (the downstairs sushi bar just off london wall yum!)

Bad sushi:
Tesco sushi - been in the fridge for a couple of days, so all dried out and too cold :-(

Friday, 22 October 2004

Gentoo on a HP nx9105

New laptop (whoo hoo!) - HP nx9105

Dual boot WinXP Home + Gentoo
AMD Athlon™ XP3000+
processor speed
1.6 GHz
Cache External
256 KB
Standard Memory
256 MB
nternal Hard Disk Drive
60 GB
Hard Disk Drive Speed
4200 rpm
DVD+RW - Fixed
Video adapter
NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go
15.4-inch color TFT WXGA Wide Viewing Angle with 1280 x 800 resolution
Display size
15.4 inches diagonal
Network interface
Integrated 10/100 NIC
Wireless Technologies
Integrated 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth
NVIDIA GeForce3 Go 150

So installing Gentoo so far:

Got the 2004.2 minimal live CD (x86). So far got as far as syncing emerge with no probs.

Other things to get going:
USB mass storage for the camera if the 5-in-1 card is stuffed
synCE for the ipaq - sync to evolution maybe?

Update: got Gnome running + USB mouse (after messing about with the kernel settings) + Nvidia drivers... nice :-). Ndiswrapper is all broken tho :-(