Monday, 15 August 2005

Mac OSX on AMD XP laptop

Got mac osx tiger intel version running under vmware on my laptop.. very nice! Just playing with it until I get a mac mini :)

Few issues still - is running off a raw .img rather than a vmware disk - so is HUGE! 6.7GB or something. And can't fit that on my laptop hard drive (have filled up the windows partition), so am running it off the network, and it's not too happy with that - running ultra slow.

So things to try still:
  • converting the raw disk to a vmware virtual disk (dunno if it's possible)
  • getting networking going properly (could be an issue sharing the wifi with virtual guests??) - update: turns out vmware ethernet isnt supported yet :-(
  • sort out my partitions so I can boot it natively rather than though vmware (no idea if any of my hardware will work tho)