Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Jobserve rant

Jobserve is IMHO the UK's best job search site. This has nothing to do with the technology they use, but just because so many agencies post there and search the CV database. I think all the contracts I've ever had have been applied from jobserve, or the agent has seen my CV there.
However, it has a few shortcomings....

1. No spellchecker in job ads -> I've used the job posting functionality as a
'recruiter' before, and noticed this. It drives me crazy seeing basic technical terms spelt incorrectly in job ads - could be due to laziness or a genuine mistake on the agents behalf, or the agent not really knowing what they are writing. Today I saw 'Mogzilla'... If only they ran a basic spellcheck with a dictionary of standard IT industry terms! I had to write up my job ad's in Word to get it all spellchecked, then copy and paste into the job ad. I guess that won't help with agents who just totally get the context wrong alltogether tho - next time I see one of those I'll post it in.
2. CV database - I often get completely random email shots from agents who've just indexed something random in my CV (ie tested a product written in Delphi or something), and so I start getting totally random ads posted to me. Especially the permanent/contract role thing... This is really frustrating, as part of the Jobserve profile contains what job titles you want, and if you're after perm/contract/both. I don't know if this is the agencies re-indexing CV's and doing their own mailshots, or jobserve's cv indexing, but somewhere the job title and type is being totally ignored.
3. Random job results in the search - often I just get rubbish coming back... even tho it's filtered to UK, often get Australian jobs (not a huge issue, but annoying).
4. Links in the rss feed are often broken, or try to run another search rather than posting to the referenced job.

I do like the rss feed feature, but that seems to have different results to searching on the site - I use the same search terms, so perhaps they have a bug somewhere.

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