Thursday, 15 June 2006

Stuff to shoot

Next time I'm out and about with my camera... London related stuff:
* London black cab(s) (get it so can be isolated?) - taxi light. Pref with no
* Routemaster bus (inside if able)
* Millenium bridge
* Tate Modern
* Tourist boat (dunno about that)

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Friday, 9 June 2006

Stadium Arcadium

I'm starting to agree with Kerry that Stadium Arcadium is the RHCP's best album.
Ever. And it's creeping higher and higher on my fav album of all time list.

Current fav: 'Death of a Martian' and 'Charlie' - actually, most of the songs with John's harmonies.
And they're playing in London next month, when I'm back in NZ!! Booooo!

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Radio buttons vs Combo/Dropdown boxes

Something that really annoys me is the mis-use of radio buttons vs dropdown/combo/option boxes in user interfaces.

A lot of the time, people think putting a dropdown in place instead of a radio button is more 'usable' because it takes up less space. I disagree in some situations....

In my opinion, dropdowns should be used when the options in the dropdown follows a sequental pattern of some kind - ie dates, months, placenames, counters, booleans, phone number type (mobile/home/work) etc.

Where they shouldnt be used is when each option doesnt nicely fit a sequence, or the user can't 'guess' straight away what option to select - ie when selecting different 'states' (I can't come up with a really good example right now!) which will ususally require the user having to select the dropdown and reading through each option before they can determine what to put in.

I guess my reasoning here is if the dropdown contains options that aren't obvious what they will be, everytime someone hits that page, they may have to select the dropdown anyway to be able to scan the available options, and make sure they HAVE got the right one.

I must see if anyone has some data on this already...

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Thursday, 1 June 2006

There is nothing worse...

... than sitting near someone at work that sniffs all day long. And they don't usually realise they're doing it. Eeuck!

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