Friday, 11 August 2006

Mission complete

Well, almost complete! We have had an offer accepted on an apartment - is all unconditional, deposit paid etc, just waiting on finalising the mortgage and sorting out the current tenancy before the completion date rolls around now!

wellington apt lounge/diningReally nice place - right in the centre of Wellington's business district on The Terrace. One bedroom, big lounge/dining/kitchen and balcony, secure carpark, shared pool/gym/movie room, secure entry/lift, really nicely fitted out and fully furnished so great for corporate rentals.

Have a few pics up on flickr, will put some more up when we do the pre-completion/new tenancy inspection(s) :-).

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Lies lies and mistruths

The rubbish that ISP's spin is hilarious...
Staying in a hotel using a broadband connection (not cheap!), and it's
been really really bad since yesterday - lucky if I can get into my
email, pinging google shows about a 10% packet loss...
Ringing their support desk doesnt help... "Oh maybe it's the sites you
are using that is slowing down your computer. Or something about your
computer.". I don't want to be a totally arsey customer with the old
"I know more than you" but sometimes it's hard... just gotta laugh and
be patient I guess :-)