Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Minature people

I like this :-) A bit different to the usual travel shots.
Little People - A Street Art Project: http://little-people.blogspot.com/

[Note - there are some 'random violence' pics in here too that are kinda creepy hehe]

Monday, 18 September 2006

Stock Photography - single image sales

Found out about a shutterstock (the stock photo agency I sell to) affilliate site that sells 'per photo sales', so ya can get all the shutterstock images, but purchase per photo rather than buying a subscription. Called photosights. Here's one of my images of Mt Ruapehu:

Friday, 15 September 2006


NZ IRD have some info here on the new KiwiSaver scheme being launched in NZ. Basically a 'semi-forced' pensions savings plan that comes out of your salary automatically.

After being in NZ for two months watching some of the news/information coming out about it, I think most NZer's are totally confused about it and how it works. I know I am!

It's strange that it's acutally going ahead, as it sounds pretty similar to the compulsory Pension savings scheme that Winston Peters tried to set up a few years ago, but a national referendum rejected the scheme by like 90% of voters...

[Edit: the NZ Treasury website has posted a whole lot of info today as well here.
A couple of strange looking points:
1. The employee contributions are taxed - surely the government would offer a tax break on these contributions to encourage more people to join?? Employer contributions seem to be tax-free as far as I can see.
2. Personal savings become part of 'relationship property' - so if you get divorced/break up, this is counted as part of the relationship assets. Do ordinary pension schemes get treated this way also? Seems rather strange to me!]

Fav pics from NZ

Took heaps and heaps of pics in NZ... so here are a few of my favs.

tahunanui beach, nelsonBounceBounceWellington City night shot

We did it!

Finally! Got the apartment. It's really nice, and we've got some good tenants in there who want to stay to mid next year which is fab. Pic below is of the dining area - poor Andrea the tenant got in the photo and is being splashed around the internet :-)

dining area

More pics on the flickr set here. Now to figure out how to pay that mortgage...! :-)