Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Am I mental?

Really struggling today with my fav app in the whole world, Lotus Notes... I can't work out how to get my meeting to remove one guy and swap him with the guy he's delegated (Notes has sent me an email to say this guy was delegated to the meeting)... Is it just me? Is it impossible? Do I just have to 'remember' that someone else is coming in his place?

Also can't get a printout which includes everyone in my meeting... really frustrating - have to print out the meeting, then write in all the names that are hidded in the textarea/scrolly box. Am I missing something again?! [Edit] Found it! Under Print Page Setup there is an option (off by default...) to expand the names field. Why oh why would this not be on by default?! And it's not easy to find...

Grrrr the Notes redesign can't happen soon enough for me! Tho it will probably be six to twelve months after release before it's implemented here...

1 comment:

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