Saturday, 14 October 2006

Automounting samba drives in Mac OS X

Almost impossible to find out how to do this! Finally with a mash up of a few articles, I found out how to automount samba drives. Yeeeah haa. Means i can mount //calculus/data and //nestor/data with different names (to stop confusing front row :-))

Samba automount

(NetInfo app --> found in ya utilities folder under applications)

The important bit is the path the mount is created under -- '/Network/calculus' will mount it with the name 'calculus' (if I had /Network/joebloggs, the drive would be called 'joeblogs'), ja?. This is doing a 'static' mount, which means it's mounted all the time (dynamic mounts unsuprisingly get turned on/off depending if they are in use). The drive is then in the finder under 'Network' --> drop an alias wherever ya want and bob's your uncle :-)

Not sure what will happen when someone else logs onto this box... do they still get mounted? And using my username/pass? hmm will have to try it out and see.

Edit: Found a post on macosxhints that may be even easier -- using an applescript and automator. Not sure if it will handle 'remounting' when an automount fails (as the netInfo way above only runs at boot - I haven't found a way of 'remounting' the netInfo mounts if it fails at boot). But one bonus is it's user specific, so doesn't set up those mounts for everyone.

Edit: I've done a followup on another method here:

NOTE: this method only works on 10.4 (Tiger). Leopard has some other funky methods to get it up and running, and the NetInfo manager has ben removed. New methods include autofs which I must try out some day soon!


  1. will this or the macosxhints options work if my nas is at home and I want to access it each day after I get back from work without re-connecting?

  2. Not sure what you're after... do you shut your Mac down? If so, it automatically mounts on boot.

    I've actually moved to another way of doing it - where I've written an applescript to mount drives, and I use MarcoPolo to run the script whenever it decides i'm at 'home'. Not 100% perfect, but more flexible :) I'll have to write a post about how to hook all the bits up!

  3. yeah that's totally what I'm after. I never shutdown my mac so the automount on boot doesn't really work. I wake my mac from sleep when I get home and would like some way for it to detect my share and automatically connect to it. In a perfect world it would work just like auto connecting to my wifi :) looking forward to your post!

  4. Finally got around to posting the alternative method I'm using now here:

  5. i ended up springing for an airport extreme. it automatically shows the drive whenever I'm home, not configuration or apple scripting needed :) I even got it to work with pesky vista.

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