Sunday, 22 October 2006

DIY Light Tent

For shooting products/macro shots of objects, there are tons of expensive 'home studio' kits available out there on ebay/amazon/camera stores.

I just built myself one, and it cost me just... £1.15! If I had to pay for the lights also, it may have topped £5 :-) --> Wine case box with cut out panels on top, left and right, covered with tissue paper (the £1.15 cost :-)).Had some A3 cartridge paper - using smooth side up.Two desk lamps (from Ikea - think they only cost a couple of pounds each).Tripod - el cheapo one bought for about $50 in NZ a few months ago (~ £20?)Shoot a custom whitebalance guide - just a shot in the lightbox with no objects in there. Shoving up exposure compensation by 1 stop. Then a quick white-point adjustment in Photoshop levels and not too shabby!

Followed this tutorial on the strobist blog [link], and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I have some test shots up on flickr [link] , and have submitted a series of various 'things' to shutterstock - will post them here if they get accepted.

Light Tent

[Edit] Here's a couple that were accepted on shutterstock:

go and buy them now :-)

[Edit] Also have some up on istockphoto here


  1. Darn - found out the down side of using such fragile build items -- moving stuff about the other night and poked a tripod leg through one of the tissue paper panels. Least it's easy to replace a panel :-)

  2. can we use incandescent light? do i just need to adjust the white balance?


  3. guess so! as long as it's bright enough, and you can adjust your whitebalance in camera or in post processing, almost any lights should be OK. Try it out - not like it really breaks the bank to have a go ;0)

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