Friday, 27 October 2006

Good Samaritan

Did my good samaritan deed for the month (year?!) tonight. Was walking home from the pub earlier than everyone else, and came across a lady who'ld fallen over and hit her head (after a few too many drinks!). Other people just walked past, but I stopped and talked to her. Hailed a cab and tried to get her up, but couldn't get her off the ground... A few people asked if she was OK, but they were in almost as worse a state as she was! Typical thursday night in the city...

Few minutes later a City Police van went past and I managed to hail them down. Took two policemen to get her off the ground and they took her off home - well, more likely the drunk tank, but at least she's safe.

See that kind of thing a little in London where people won't stop to help others - quite often I can understand it, as some people don't appreciate help, or freak out and end up hurting those trying to help them. Glad this turned out OK.

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