Wednesday, 1 November 2006

I heart JIRA

I am so missing JIRA, the issue management tool I implemented and championed at Virgin Travelstore a few years ago. I miss lots of things:
  • Ability to schedule fixes into releases
  • Sensible workflows
  • Built in graphs/reports that work
  • Assigning tasks to groups rather than people
  • rss feeds (!)
  • Exporting to csv(excel), pdf, can't remember other formats
  • Usability! So easy to use compared to some other tools
  • and lots more stuff that I can't even remember right now....

Haven't found another tool that works better yet for change management. Stuck with MKS currenlty (yeah I'ld never heard of it before!) and ClearQuest in my previous contract. Tried Test Director/Quality Center, but that still doesn't seem so powerful.


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