Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Joined the ranks of the mac users!

Got myself a faaaaantastic new MacBook on the weekend... totally stoked with it, apart from a coupla niggly things...

rach finally got a macBought a mini-dvi (the video output) to video connector from the Apple shop tonight, sped home and plugged it into the TV (using both s-video and then composite video connectors --> the connector has both outputs). Sadly, the MB will only detect the TV as a generic 'display' - so I can't set the PAL settings or the right res/frame rate... end result is a black and white flicker on the TV :-( Looked everywhere on google with no success booo hoo.. have posted a question in the Apple support forum - fingers crossed someone has an answer, or I'll be tromping back to the Apple store to rant at the 'genius' (cough cough) bar, or return the cable for some ££ back.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, just scream. We've had other windows laptops (nvidia/s-video out) running fine on this TV with the same video cables.

Oh and the stupid problem where frontrow refuses to play sound using AC3 audio codec! Weird, as it's just quicktime running in a nice interface, and Quicktime running outside of frontrow is playing the AC3 codec stuff fine. Don't think anyone's solved this one yet.. c'mon Apple sort it out!

[Edit] mmm still lovin it! Forgot to burn a disk this morning for a work colleague, so dropped the MB in my backpack and walked to work... barely noticed it was in there! such an improvement over the HP.

[Edit] Sorted the AC3 sound prob in frontrow -- app called 'Perian' (thanks Lifehacker!) that contains nearly every video/audio codec ya could ever want. sweeeeet!

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