Thursday, 12 October 2006

Lotus notes should be mothballed

I've forgotten about the joys of Lotus Notes until starting my latest contract. It's an absolute nightmare!

Here's a few of my favs:
- Shortcut for refresh view is F9 (the 'standard' refresh key of F5 is reserved to lock the lotus notes screen grrr)
- Printing support for meetings is horrendus - doesnt 'grow' any text areas that have scroll bars (ie more than 5 people at the meeting and it won't print them all out...)
- The calendar software is pretty ugly - never know what's gonna happen if you edit a meeting - might email everyone, might not email anyone of meeting changes. And occassionally drops one person and refuses to let me add them again...
- looks and feels like software from 1991.

I can't believe anyone is actually migrating TO notes rather than away anymore! As much as I hate outlook/exchange, it's a million times more user friendly than this.


  1. Other than a web browser, where exactly is F5 the standard refresh key?

  2. Windows Explorer uses F5 for one! while F5 isn't always 'published' as a refresh key, that's what it more than often does.

    Also, check out this article (posted on 29 sept 2006, so very recent) - by the lead prod designer of Lotus Notes --> seems some other people are noticing this F5 issue also - "...Also, since a fair number of you have registered concerns with the fact that F5 is also refresh in a browser, we are considering giving Screen Lock a different shortcut key (or even no shortcut key at all, since you WILL have mnemonics and a menu item.). I cannot propose what the new key is yet because I'm going through a big trading exercise, comparing the shortcuts we get from Eclipse, Notes, and all three of the IBM Productivity tools.

    I do admit that I am also considering mapping BOTH F5 and F9 to refresh. But having 2 keys do the same thing when I have so many applications vying for F keys will be a hard sell. Thoughts?"

    Some of the comments on that article are valid -- I like the option of letting the user choose what they want - esp when you're attempting to do a cross platform app --> each OS and software developer has it's own style/usability guidelines.

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