Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Random software development

So we keep getting new versions of code to run in UAT. Only problem is -- no release notes. Nadda. Nothing. Just a list of code modules that need updating, which means nothing to me!

Who has a development contract that doesnt include the supplier sending release notes? Or at least a napkin with some scribbed bug numbers on it that's been left on a pub table for much too long..? It means UAT testing (which is the only testing actually carried out... don't get me started on that...) has to have a random guess at what might or might not be fixed, and no idea on any impact on the rest of the system. So bye bye to any regression testing. Rather frustrating for me attempting to manage the UAT process, no?

[Edit] Turns out I can't find requirements to match half the bugs logged. Hmm, so there's issues from both ends at not supplying what's needed for a good development project.. Requirements and release notes.


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  2. Thanks... I think?! Havn't been called 'buddy' since I was about eight years old :-)

    I gotta stop the ranting I guess, and just suck it up. This is enterprise software development after all!

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