Thursday, 12 October 2006

Win XP on Parallels

Windows XP on Parallels
Running Win XP on Parallels (virtualisation software, similar to VMWare) in mac os x is pretty sweet. Windows seems to run pretty quick tho that may be the core duo cpus :-) Only giving it 256MB ram but it's still pretty speedy.

Tried to run counterstrike - mouse movements are a bit strange, mouse pointer doesnt 'hide', and will only run software video acceleration - guess the Parallels video driver doesnt support any 3d rendering. Might be worth giving boot camp a go instead for gaming I guess.

Handy hint --> second (or right) mouse button is shift+ctrl+click in Win XP/Parallels. Or cheat and use a 2 button USB mouse which works fine in both Mac OS X and Parallels/Win XP.


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