Thursday, 16 November 2006

Photography course

Have started a night school photography course through London Academy of Media, Film and TV that I'm enjoying.
First two sessions were going through the technical stuff about ISO, aperture, shutter speed etc, then flash and light last night. I know most of this already, but have picked up a few tricks - how to expose using the cameras meter in full manual mode, using grey and white cards for correct white balance and exposure etc.

Posting pics up to my flickr account in this set - will keep adding as I go along.

Next week will be cool - doing portraiture in the studio, so proper studio modeling flashes with softboxes and reflectors.

I'ld love to do the studio lighting, architecture (done in London in The City where we live) and fashion photography courses they run also... have to save some (or earn!) more ££ first!


  1. Full manual mode's great for nightime shots. Wish I were in London using it. Love that city!

  2. You have to keep practicing to learn photography and write my essay well so go out and try to take some interesting shots of different places. There are different duration of photography course but it is depends on your practice and interest that how fast you learn.