Thursday, 9 November 2006

Test Management in JIRA?

From the i'm-frustrated-with-excel-spreadsheets-to-manage-testing department.

The lack of reasonably priced, extendable and usable (big feature for me!) Test Management tools is starting to annoy me... Test Director/Quality Center is too expensive for most places I've worked (you'ld think an Investment bank would be able to afford it but no! They are looking at some weird thing I've never heard of, so could be badly supported yikes!), and requires too much training/maintainence for a 'looseish' UAT process like we have here (ie there is a process, but too many people push outside it due to time restrictions and lack of testing knowledge). There are cheap/free alternatives around that I've tried, but they all seem lacking in lots of functionality, or just plain unsuable and inflexible.

I think JIRA (change/defect management tool) could probably be extended to include a Test management function --> if it had that, it would do everything that Test Director/Quality Center does excluding the linkages with automated testing (ability to schedule and fire off tests created with winrunner/loadrunner/QTP/Silk(?) and probably others), and would really help with the whole 'integrated' change management Suite if you don't care about running automated tests from the UI.

For sites that don't use automated testing, or automation platforms that don't play nice with Test Management apps, it could then provide a low(ish) cost 'total' change management system that hooks into scm also... mmmm dream on Rach!

A Test Case is not so different from the usual workflows - but it usually doesn't get 'closed' in the same manner as bugs/changes, and need to jump around in history against versions of test cycles (ie for regression testing). Then store results of testing and easily raise bugs/changes (mmm) on failures etc. From there, it's not a huge step to add requirements mangement also - as the linkages/relationships between requirements, Tests and Changes (defects etc) aren't all that different. Drop some reports into a dashboard specifically for Testing/Requirements, and bob's your uncle.

One day I'll do myself a el-cheapo Test & Requirements Management app (in Access if I'm desperate, or Java/JSP or something - might as well try to extend JIRA if I'm going that far, and if Atlassian still supply source code for your own tweaks :)) so I can work out the workflow/requirements of a good app myself, as I've never quite found one that does everything I want. Hmmmm wonder if Atlassian are lookin for a contract User Interface Designer/Business Analyst type person workin in London at London rates!

That's todays <rant/> for ya :-)


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