Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Space Invaders take over London

Just looking at Eric Meyer's pics from his trip to London a few weekends ago, and he spotted two space invader sprites on walls/bridges while wanderin about.

I've never spotted any of these - now I'm going to have to keep my eyes open! Wonder what it means...

Turns out he had lunch at the Gormet Burger restaurant next door to where we had lunch :-) I'ld rather go to Cafe Rouge than the Gormet Burger place any day!

Monday, 11 December 2006

New flash!

Kerry bought me a new Speedlite 430ex flash for xmas... and I am naughty and am already using it!

Only taken a few shots with it, but am already seeing the benifit of being able to bounce flash in (almost) any direction. Now I need to get it off-camera :-)

The long-term plan is to get a 580ex that I can use as primary flash, and a master when the 430ex is off camera, as the 430ex can be slaved via the wireless functionality to the 530ex. Shame it's only line of sight (I'm guessing infra red rather than radio?), but better than nothing!

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Madness on the streets of NZ

This post from the NZ govt rss feed kinda scares me...

"In 2005, Labour promised to abolish the mandatory driving test for those
aged 80 and over. The new law delivers on our promise and is good news for
older drivers who, like all New Zealanders, wish to be independent," Helen
Clark said.

Readin more, it seems the only thing an over 80 yr old needs is a medical
cert to prove they are 'able to drive'.

Crikey! Being able to walk and see doesn't mean you are competent burning
rubber around the motorways and city streets. I know a lot of physically
competent oldies that I'm scared to get in a car with... and they've
passed the mandatory driving tests!

Maybe I've read this wrong?? Hope so!

Sunday, 3 December 2006

More experiments with the DIY Light Tent

Remember that light tent I built? (Go read this blog post here). Well, had some ideas for changing the backgrounds a bit... so went out and spent a couple of ££ on:
- A1 sheet of white cartridge
- A1 sheet of dark blue card (heavier than cartridge, but not quite cardboard)
- A3 sheet of acetate

Have done a few test shots using combos of the white/blue paper, and the acetate on top for reflective stuff. A few test shots below. Gotta remember to clean the acetate, and give it a good 'blow down' before shooting - it attracts dust like a dust monkey.




Reflections are also a bit tricky... need to figure out a good way to minimise some of the reflections going on from the inside of the box - maybe I just need stronger lights or something :-) Could always paint the inside white... dunno if that would help tho.

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