Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Madness on the streets of NZ

This post from the NZ govt rss feed kinda scares me...

"In 2005, Labour promised to abolish the mandatory driving test for those
aged 80 and over. The new law delivers on our promise and is good news for
older drivers who, like all New Zealanders, wish to be independent," Helen
Clark said.

Readin more, it seems the only thing an over 80 yr old needs is a medical
cert to prove they are 'able to drive'.

Crikey! Being able to walk and see doesn't mean you are competent burning
rubber around the motorways and city streets. I know a lot of physically
competent oldies that I'm scared to get in a car with... and they've
passed the mandatory driving tests!

Maybe I've read this wrong?? Hope so!

1 comment:

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