Sunday, 3 December 2006

More experiments with the DIY Light Tent

Remember that light tent I built? (Go read this blog post here). Well, had some ideas for changing the backgrounds a bit... so went out and spent a couple of ££ on:
- A1 sheet of white cartridge
- A1 sheet of dark blue card (heavier than cartridge, but not quite cardboard)
- A3 sheet of acetate

Have done a few test shots using combos of the white/blue paper, and the acetate on top for reflective stuff. A few test shots below. Gotta remember to clean the acetate, and give it a good 'blow down' before shooting - it attracts dust like a dust monkey.




Reflections are also a bit tricky... need to figure out a good way to minimise some of the reflections going on from the inside of the box - maybe I just need stronger lights or something :-) Could always paint the inside white... dunno if that would help tho.

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