Saturday, 20 January 2007

Colibri - quicksilver for windows

Just found Colibri and am running it on my work PC (doesn't need admin rights to install, yay!). It's kindof like quicksilver (which I LOVE on my mac) for windows - not as fully featured, but does the basics. Doesn't have much 'OS' integration tho which I use a lot on my mac (empty trash, reboot, log out etc) as far as I can tell, tho that functionality might be hiding somewhere.

But it's great for simple things like launching google searches, start up apps, controlling volume, open up some system prefs, all with a coupla keyboard strokes.

ie to search google:
- hit ctrl+space to get the colibri dialog to open
- type goo (by then it's worked out i'm lookin for google)
- hit tab
- type the search term
- hit enter
And it opens the default internet browser and runs the google search. Easier than all that mouse clickin and tabbin around.

Looks like customising search paths etc is a bit ugly, as there is no nice interface to doing this yet - have to install sql lite browser and modify the sql db entries which is fine for someone like me, but impossible for the 'average' business user. They have an active community forum - will have to do a bit of reading and see whats goin down.

Can also be installed on a usb key - so the user database(s) are installed there too. That's a nice feature.

I found a nice theme to run also- 'tordo'. The default one is fine however.

[found via lifehacker]

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  1. ouJust thought - why not plug an app like this into google desktop? Can't say I've actually ever used google desktop, but as it's already done the hard work indexing files/apps/emails etc etc, why not just leverate it's index? (I'm takin this as prior art in case it ever shows up on the google apps list! hehe)