Wednesday, 31 January 2007

flickr forcing users to switch to a yahoo id

flickr is one of my favourite web apps in the world, but they've totally p***ed me off today by sending an email saying I HAVE to switch to a yahoo id signin by 15th March.

This is really annoying - I've always used my email address as my flickr login - dead easy to remember! Because I've never had a yahoo account, all the id's that are good for my name are gone, and I can't use my email address either. So I'll have to get some random thing that I'll never remember. As an old skool user of flikr that's had a pro account for ages, I'm grumpy. Hope you're listening flickr/yahoo!

So now I have google logins, yahoo logins, microsoft logins, all my logins at work and home, webmail logins, yadda yadda yadda. The list is getting REALLY long. Doesn't really matter on my personal laptop, where I don't mind firefox storing my logins, but anytime I'm away from that I have to try remember my logon. And if my laptop dies I'm stuffed again... have to go around every site and get my logins sent/reset. Huge usability issue!

If only everyone would implement an open identity type of solution, where I can log in with my one open identity username/password, and logging into the seperate sites is taken care of in the background.

Grrrr.. I can only see this getting worse and worse in the future as more and more stuff goes online. And I can't see my memory getting much better in the future!

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