Thursday, 18 January 2007

fowd conference

Details for the future of web design conference in london (april 18th) just got announced.

Looks kinda interesting - lots of talks by designers from websites that are all pretty much 'web 2.0' type stuff (flickr, moo, 37signals). Will have to look through the other speakers sites and see if they are designing for different channels - some e-commercey type sites or enterprisey type ones would be interesting to listen to also.

What would be interesting is designing for intranets - as from what I've seen, enterprise intranets/wikis/CMS type systems/web based interfaces are makin inroads into large organisations, and most that I've seen are pretty ugly! I'ld be interested in hearing from someone who has successfully mixed good design with a usable/friendly UI and yet still integrated with the whole 'corporate' look and feel.


  1. hi! I'm going to be coordinating the event - we'll be refining the speaker content over the next few weeks to make sure they talk about exactly what people want to hear, so I can try and make sure some of this is accommodated as you raise some good points. Thanks and maybe see you there :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! Nice to see someone is readin my random rants!

    I'm interested mostly how design can be used to make any kind of UI more usable, and also how design can be used to provide linkage across multiple systems - as a lot of usability can come around from good and consistent design - both graphical and functional design. From my perspective, a lot of Wiki and CMS systems are difficult for 'novice' users to navigate/post/use (or even understand their value!), so any discussion on design techniques to help with integrating these types of systems into 'every day use' for non-technical users would be valuable. Might be straying a bit from the classical 'webdesign' discussions, but it's possibly where a lot of agencies/designers may find themselves in the next few years :)