Tuesday, 23 January 2007

stuck in the middle with you...

I keep coming across this one really annoying *bug* (?feature?) in lotus notes, and it annoys me so much I thought I'ld have a little rant about it :)

In a meeting scheduled by someone else, if you accidently hit 'Request Information' button, you get a new memo open up addressed to the scheduler that you can't cancel... The options all either send the message, or send you back to the message (see the attached screenshot). What is needed is the 'No' button to trash the draft memo, rather than send without comments or something.

The only way I've found to trash the memo without looking like a total retard and sending out emails is to kill the lotus notes process. Pretty drastic! If I'm missing something, let me know. Otherwise IBM, PLEASE PLEASE fix this issue...!

[Lotus Notes v 6.5.4]

Edit: Note, I'm not picking on Lotus Notes for any reason than it's the piece of software I use the most every day, and it's really frustrating me --> email/calendaring/groupware software should be quick, easy and intuitive to use. Otherwise it's just reducing my productivity and increasing my stress levels }:[

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