Friday, 9 February 2007

Save Borough Market!

Borough Market, LondonMy favourite food market in London is under threat...!

The government has agreed plans for Network Rail to build a new viaduct straight through the Borough Market area - which would mean a lot of the historic market buildings and surrounding area would be destroyed, and the outdoor market area at Green Dragon Court would disappear. It would also cause a lot of noise and vibration throughout the area - it's bad enough at times already with the existing rail lines there.

There is an online petition at the Save The Borough Market Area Campaign site.

Borough Market, London

The trustees of the Market aren't supporting any of the petitions to stop the rail development. But it seems a little insular of them to just ignore the fact a lot of the surrounding historic buildings will be lost, even if they aren't a part of the acutal Market Complex.

Edit: added some of my own pics from various Borough Market outings

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