Saturday, 10 March 2007

Recycling on the Tube

From the BBC website:

Tons of newspapers found on Tube

Free newspapers can be picked up at Tube stationsUp to 12 tons of newspapers a day are being abandoned by commuters on London Underground stations and trains, new figures show.
The statistics were revealed by Ken Livingstone following a question raised by the London Assembly Conservatives at Mayor's question time in January.
They have asked Transport for London to install more newspaper recycling points on the network to tackle the problem.
London Lite was launched in August last year and The London Paper a week later.
They followed the Metro freesheet which was introduced a number of years ago.

This is something that's been annoying me for a while - but it's more that a lot of the newspapers get dumped on the ground right near where the *pushers* are giving them out... I have to walk past a few places where they stand givign the papers out every morning, and more often than not there are 5-10 discarded ones blowing all around messing up the streets. Pretty sad when you think it's possible that paper (trees) may one day be a limited resource.

And the *pushers* drive me mental as well. Getting right in your face with the papers and not moving out of the way when the footpath is totally full of commuters. I guess it's a job for them, but still I don't like it! If someone wants the paper, they'll pick it up from a paper stand, same as everyone does with the Metro in the mornings.

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  1. And the last two days at work, there have been two different internal 'marketing' flyers on my desk. One is a folded A2 page on glossy paper.

    Both are going straight in the recycling without even being read - there is probably 1000 desks in this building, so that's a LOT of paper and ink being wasted. There is an intranet and lotus notes bulletin boards that are perfect for publishing this stuff on, or at a pinch just email a PDF out, and anyone that's *really* keen can print their own (on cheaper A4 printer paper).

    Another annoying thing is there are no real 'kitchens' here, so can't use proper coffee/tea cups - instead they have disposable paper cups which can't be recycled. Most people would average one hot drink a day.. and a lot have many many more! I think there is a plan to get recyclable ones, but why not set up the kitchens with *real* cups that everyone washes themselves?

    Another little thing - if they requested everyone switch their LCD screen off overnight - leave their PC locked if they have to be logged in, but screen off to save a little power. The traders all have 2 or 3 screens (19"-21" ers), so that's at least probably 1500 screens in the building. Not hard for everyone to contribute to making a change.

    The UK government are trying to push enterprises to reduce their carbon cost - haven't seen any sign of that here yet.