Friday, 20 April 2007

the final countdown...

... only a few hours before we leave for our holiday!
The itineary is:
Istanbul, Gallopilli (For the Anzac memorial services), Istanbul, Athens, Parakia (On the island of Paros, Greece), Athens, home again.

For two weeks! Been looking forward to this holiday for so long...

Modes of transport:
Scooter (perhaps)

Throw in a bicycle and we've covered a lot of major modes of transportation :)

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Announcing the MacBook ouch

Announcing the MacBook ouch
Announcing the MacBook ouch
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Oh no! looks like someone took a seat on their macbook. Doh!
Lucky it's not far to the closest Apple store :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


at the future of web design conference today. first speaker just started :)
I like conferences with free wifi and power points at your seat!

Seems everyone here has a camera... seen some funny stuff - one dude with a really slow lens trying to take pics with no flash and no tripod - pretty dodgy! (yep i am a camera snob)

future of web design

Thursday, 12 April 2007

growin the tech

Following on from our woeful tech solutions at home, I've ordered a bunch of replacement (upgraded) kit to get us up and running again.

NAS solution has gone from the 500gb Western Digital NetCenter (who's hard disk has gone clunk so lost all that data), to a DLink 323 nas with 2x Seagate 500gb sata drives - will set em up with ext2 file system (so can read em with our sata+ide usb enclosure if the unit fails), and RAID 1 (mirroring). It can handle either drive failing, so won't die if one drive goes boom. Bit of a change to the old NetCenter :)
It's debian kernel is also *hackable*, and has 64mb of ram (i think) - some hacks include telnet and ssh shells, and running lighthttpd web server.

And for extra safty, 2x UPS devices - one to drive Calculus (the server), and one to drive the DLink. The UPS will work with gentoo on Calculus to send shutdown signals, so should give us some extra saftey :) The DLink won't accept shutdown signals - shame, as it runs a debian kernel so should in essence be able to install the packages needed - however the DLink has no USB input to carry the shutdown sigs :)

Need a new power supply for the shuttle - hopefully whatever blew the psu didn't fry the motherboard also! Found a supplier - they are far and few between.

So that's pretty much blown the entire tech budget for the year, but I think it's worth it for all the photos etc we have (I filled up 4 dvd's of photos when i did the last backups! Shootin in RAW at 8MP takes a lot of space).

Progress reports will be posted. Ordered the kit this morning, and it had already been dispatched by lunchtime! Thanks Misco!

Friday, 6 April 2007

dress like a pirate...

any religion that requires followers to wear full pirate regalia is one I think I can probably handle :)

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Monday, 2 April 2007

Bagel and a coffee please

No rants for a while, so here's one.

Cafes in London are such a nightmare! We went to one of the only UK owned coffee chains for a bagel and coffee on Sunday morning (while waiting for tech shops to open at 12pm - another rant coming on there)... Kerry asked about FOUR times for a 'Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese' bagel. First she though it was cinnamon, then kept calling out to the other girl making them, 'just a cream cheese'... and when we corrected her twice ('Salmon, you know, the FISH'), she was like 'yes yes I know what you ordered'. Then lo and behold, Kerry gets a plain cream cheese bagel (after I waited 10 mins for them to be made). And mine was ultra stingy on the jam - just a smear of red on the bagel.

And the coffee was rubbish too! Ordered a cappuchino which came out was cold, weak and 90% milk, with a teeny bit of foam on the top which she then slopped all down the side and didn't bother wiping up.

And they wonder why Star$'s and other international chains come over and wipe up all the competition. I can walk into anyone of those stores and place an order which I know will be pretty much the same from any store, and no waiting around.

Tech troubles

Kerry has posted about our troubles with tech the last two weeks.
Always seems to come in threes, so hope we're all done with hard disk failures and power supplies being zapped (or so we hope).

Think we're gonna move to getting a UPS and a onsite RAID NAS device, and some offsite storage too. Might be overkill, but any downtime is so frustrating for me!