Monday, 2 April 2007

Bagel and a coffee please

No rants for a while, so here's one.

Cafes in London are such a nightmare! We went to one of the only UK owned coffee chains for a bagel and coffee on Sunday morning (while waiting for tech shops to open at 12pm - another rant coming on there)... Kerry asked about FOUR times for a 'Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese' bagel. First she though it was cinnamon, then kept calling out to the other girl making them, 'just a cream cheese'... and when we corrected her twice ('Salmon, you know, the FISH'), she was like 'yes yes I know what you ordered'. Then lo and behold, Kerry gets a plain cream cheese bagel (after I waited 10 mins for them to be made). And mine was ultra stingy on the jam - just a smear of red on the bagel.

And the coffee was rubbish too! Ordered a cappuchino which came out was cold, weak and 90% milk, with a teeny bit of foam on the top which she then slopped all down the side and didn't bother wiping up.

And they wonder why Star$'s and other international chains come over and wipe up all the competition. I can walk into anyone of those stores and place an order which I know will be pretty much the same from any store, and no waiting around.

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