Friday, 25 May 2007


d.Construct is another user experience conference i'm considering attending...
7th September 2007 in Brighton

Some of the same presenters i've seen at the fowd conference earlier this year - hopefully it's not too hung up on web design, as that's such a small part of user experience/interface design.

I like the idea of their web design -- if I'm looking correctly, as time goes on they'll update the site to follow the standard progress of a site design - starting at hand sketched wireframes, and moving through the design process to being a *finished* product in August.
Tho if it was me doing this, the text on the page needs to be more hand written (or at least look like it's been cut out and stuck down), lots of red scribble and arrows and unreadable notes, and the logos etc 'taped' on for that really authentic sketched interface look :)


  1. d.Construct is an affordable, one-day conference aimed at those designing and building the latest generation of web-based applications.

    Guess it will probably be about web design mostly.

  2. ja i know.. pretty annoying as the conferences that cover non-web stuff are always usability and testing type ones, not user experience/design based :(

  3. If you click the timeline at the top of the page, you can 'view' the progress immediately.

    P.S. Heya!

  4. doh! so they do. someone else mentioned it was hard to spot what was links in there - and I missed those too... probably cause the cursor doesnt change when hovering over them. usability anyone?! :)

    heya back.

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  6. @Rach - Hi, I'm Paul from Clearleft, and I designed the d.Construct 2007 website. Glad you like the concept! The timeline style-switcher is a hidden Easter egg, an added extra for those who find it, and isn't essential to browse the website. If someone doesn't know its there then that doesn't matter. It doesn't become a usability problem as it presents no obstacles to anybody. It's an extra bit of fun for those who do discover it, and in my opinion "designing the user experience" is about making a website fun to use, not just easy to use. Look forward to seeing you at the conference!

  7. Hi Paul - thanks for the comment :)
    And yeah, I agree about the 'Fun' bit! Please don't take my rants to heart - I do usability and software testing, and also develop and design from the other end, so I know the pain of doing a lot of hard work to have some knowitall come along and rubbish it! I guess I'm just bored (and jealous i'm not currently doing any design work) so gotta pick on something!

    Hope I can make the conference.