Monday, 21 May 2007

New Printer

Picked up a new hp c5180 on sunday - all in one inkjet (scanner, copier, printer w borderless photos at 9600 res). The test photo I printed came out as good as a photolab - not sure how economical the ink is, but we'll see. Going to use it to print wedding invites - even with the cost of the printer, I think it will be not a lot more than getting them printed 'professionally'.

It's a 'network' printer so can either plug it in to a pc via usb, or straight into a router and viola, networked printer :) works fine with mac, and Kerry also has it running on his gentoo laptop.

Now to get rid of the old lexmark... think it's going to go onto the freecycle lists to go to a good home.

As a side note, we ended up getting it from the Apple store on Regent street (as it's such a pain waiting for deliveries in the post...), and that was pretty painless! Grabbed an 'apple dude', told him which one we wanted, he went and got it, scanned it into a handheld device, jammed the credit card in the same handheld, and grabbed a email address to send the reciept to, slapped on an apple sticker and we were out the door. Nice!

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