Wednesday, 6 June 2007

ikea for couch potatoes

if like us you live in london in a 'non-residental' area, and don't have a car, buying furniture and household items can be a real hassle.

if we're renting a car to go away, we sometimes try to drop by ikea or the supermarket on the way back and load up then. otherwise, it's lugging stuff on buses and tubes. and ending up with ironing boards banging tourists on the head (oops!)

internet shopping and delivery is our lifesaver. we use ocado (who deliver waitrose food) usually for food, and ikea in the uk (yes yes I know big international nasty place employing third world workers for peanuts etc etc - but there's not a lot of choice in our area for second hand or ethical furniture without paying through the nose) have finally opened up their internet shopping to london - our are is coming in june. delivery prices aren't earth shattering - much cheaper than their old model of buying at the store then leaving it for delivery. up to about 50kg they send it via courier, more than that is the classic london '2 man in a white (with ikea logo plastered on it) van'.
[image from ikea - besta burs tv bench]
Edit: just checked today and they now deliver to our postcode! Tho I wonder if it would be easier/cheaper to grab a streetcar and go pick up ourselves..?

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