Saturday, 15 September 2007

little blue-green box

went with k to Tiffany's & Co at the Royal Exchange, Bank, after work today to get our wedding bands! very exciting (for me!)... nobody's allowed to peek in the box tho!

the salesman was really nice, and put up with me showing up earlier in the week and trying on lots of stuff. I was suprised that platiunum rings are pretty much the same price there as they are in the High Street, and it was so much more relaxed in Tiffany's.. no waiting around to get other sizes rushed from other stores, no hordes of people bustling around, no queues... mmm

what's in the box?!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

tail-less mouse

Got myself a wireless mighty mouse to go with the macbook yesterday. Am really liking it so far - my old logitech usb mouse didn't play too well with the macbook - was way too slow and I couldn't speed it up.

anyhooo, the mighty mouse is really nice. very responsive, and the scroll ball is really nice - feels easier than a scroll wheel to use. took about 2 secs to set up. Bluetooth is great - means no cables or extra sensors to plug in, and batteries were included :). A little expensive at £49, but then most apple hardware is a little expensive - still, 'it just works', so I'm happy with that!

[image poached from the apple store]