Monday, 29 October 2007

more automounting samba drives in os x

I promised someone I'd post on this, and finally I have!

I've given up on the original method of mounting samba/cfs shares that I used to use, as it didn't really handle it well when those drives weren't available... Had to reboot to get them to remount etc, and we renamed some shares on different devices (server, NAS etc) to all be unique, so no more hassle with confusion over what is mounted at any one time.

So... I've gone with a two-prong approach:
- written a simple applescript to mount my drives where I want them
- using an app called MarcoPolo to automatically fire the script when it decides I'm at 'home'

Part 1: The script
  1. Fire up ScriptEditor
  2. Drop in the following for each drive (this example is for SMB shares):

    tell application "Finder"
    mount volume "smb://username:password@server/share"
    end tell
    end try

  3. Put in username/password/server/share as needed
  4. Repeat for each drive (if you want them to mount under the same MarcoPolo 'location')
  5. Save as an application somewhere out of the way (ie your home dir) - I used the settings in this image:

  6. Try it out - double click the new app and check it mounts everything correctly. Your system.log (available in the console app) should tell you if there's anything wrong.
  7. Add a nice icon if you want, as it will flash in your dock until the script completes.

Part 2: MarcoPolo
  1. Download MarcoPolo from the developers website, or your fav tracker site
  2. Install
  3. Set up a 'home' context - Set up whatever rules define your 'home' - for me, I've got set the IP rule (as I have a reserved IP on the router, so it's always the same when I'm connected to the home router), and also the WiFi rule, so it triggers when I connect to our home router
  4. Set up an action against your home rule to run the mount script
Note - can sometimes take a bit of experimenting with MarcoPolo to get it set up right - depends on how much info you can give it and the setup on your Mac. I've not figured out if it can rescan and decide your location on a wake from sleep, tho I've not really read a lot up on it yet.

Also, it doesn't matter if the drives are already mounted, and you try to re-mount them - smbmount doesn't mind at all :)

Thursday, 25 October 2007

wedding songs

I've been trying to think of songs to play at our wedding - either at the ceremony, or at the start of the reception. I would love to get some acoustic guitarists to play...
I have few ideas, but need more!

Here's what I have:
Foo Fighters - Another Round (From the In Your Honour Album)
Foo Fighters - Everlong (From The Colour and the Song Album) - also played at Monica and Chandler's wedding on Friends by a string quartet, so I can't decide if this is totally tacky! :)
Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song (From Houses of the Holy Album) - just a song I've always loved
Faith No More - Easy (hmmm not too sure, easily mistaken for lionel richie!)
Lou Reed - Perfect Day (again, possibly a bit overdone?)
Nirvana - Oh Me (from the unplugged album - not sure if this was a cover?)
Outkast - The way you move. I'm sure is a cover?
The Police - too many to name!
Guns 'n' Roses - Patience...

If we had the unlimited budget, and connections in high places, I think I'd be hiring/kidnapping The Black Seeds (NZ dub/reggae/whatever) to play :)

Monday, 22 October 2007

blehenim palace ramble

kerry and I went for a 'ramble' on saturday in and around Blenheim Palace (near Oxford). We picked a beautiful day for it. Covered 11KM on the walk we found in a book, and another few km wandering around Blenheim palace.

Only one moan about it - the guide book quoted £2.50 each to get into the Palace grounds, but it was actually £9.30 each... and that book was printed in 2003, so something's happened in the last four years...

Took heaps of photos which are here.
A few favs:



Canon 350D
Canon 17-40L f4
Canon 70-200L f4 IS
Manfrotto monopod 676B

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

mmm wide angle

swiss re/the gherkin

swiss re/the gherkin
Originally uploaded by rachaelr.

picked up a canon 17-40mm f4L lens last night, and took it for an outing in the city.
this is one of my favourites from that night. nice and sharp :)

most popular

All Blacks - Luke McAllister
All Blacks - Luke McAllister
Originally uploaded by rachaelr.

of all the images I posted on flickr from the RWC quarter final (NZ vs France) last weekend, this one is the most popular.

Guess someone likes luke maccallister (sp?)! It is probably the most interesting action shot I got all night.

pied pipers

not sure where these guys are from
not sure where these guys are from
Originally uploaded by rachaelr.

these fellas are funny! Found them at the British Museum on the weekend. Shame the lighting was a bit dim, so hard to get a good shot in focus. They are only about 5cm in height.