Thursday, 25 October 2007

wedding songs

I've been trying to think of songs to play at our wedding - either at the ceremony, or at the start of the reception. I would love to get some acoustic guitarists to play...
I have few ideas, but need more!

Here's what I have:
Foo Fighters - Another Round (From the In Your Honour Album)
Foo Fighters - Everlong (From The Colour and the Song Album) - also played at Monica and Chandler's wedding on Friends by a string quartet, so I can't decide if this is totally tacky! :)
Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song (From Houses of the Holy Album) - just a song I've always loved
Faith No More - Easy (hmmm not too sure, easily mistaken for lionel richie!)
Lou Reed - Perfect Day (again, possibly a bit overdone?)
Nirvana - Oh Me (from the unplugged album - not sure if this was a cover?)
Outkast - The way you move. I'm sure is a cover?
The Police - too many to name!
Guns 'n' Roses - Patience...

If we had the unlimited budget, and connections in high places, I think I'd be hiring/kidnapping The Black Seeds (NZ dub/reggae/whatever) to play :)


  1. And we finally decided on Al Green - Let's stay together (the one from the Pulp fiction soundtrack) for our 'first dance', and Cavatina (the Deer Hunter) for walking down the aisle (as we ended up with a two piece guitar and violin duo playing for the ceremony part of the wedding).

    Both were good choices I think!

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