Tuesday, 6 November 2007

gettin that flash off camera

finally have a 1 light off camera setup going...
already had a canon 430ex and pc sync cable/hot shoe adapters, and ordered some more kit from mpex.com (Ohio, US) a few weeks ago - turned up about 10 days after ordering, and no customs fees (yay!).

so now I have a light stand and brolly (convertible white with black backing - can do shoot-through or reflective), gels and some other home made stuff :)

K was a slightly unwilling model, tho he put up with me for a few minutes. got him to take some of me too that I'm quite happy with as I'm a useless model!

me me

thanks to the strobist blog for getting me going on this, and of course the fab Light, Science and Magic book (see my amazon links for a url to buy a copy).

really basic setup - ambient underexposed by 2 stops, flash at about 1/16 power i think on wide zoom, dampening flash output by dropping aperture cause i'm too lazy to drop the flash power, shoot through brolly slightly on my right and above subject. only post work was cropping, and a tone curve to exaggerate contrast up a bit (and one spot removal..)

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