Tuesday, 18 March 2008

mmm iphone UI

there are a few things from the iPhone UI I'ld love to try to implement on a normal html website. Might have to try them out myself - wonder if Apple would be upset with someone reusing their 'design' (or the concepts anyway) in a different context.

  • the 'slider' for on/off (boolean) type fields - the iPhone has these pretty 'slider' buttons for yes/no on/off etc fields which could probably be implemented with a tweaked version of the Yahoo UI slider - would need some nice images for the 'background' and the slide image. Would need to be still accessable by keyboard tho for tabbing through - wonder if it's possible.
  • 'flicking' a page up and down. guess the only way to do that in today's browsers would be to embed the site into a control of some kind that could handle the 'flick' and click/drag functionality
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