Tuesday, 29 April 2008

crazy for caffine

Coffee and Moleskine III (color)
It always frustrates me that some coffee chains in the UK are so hopeless when it comes to ordering and recieving your order. This morning I went to one of the many UK coffee chain (not the one in the pic!), and was totally amazed at the hopelesness of the ordering system.

After standing in one queue, I got to the counter and ordered, where the girl kindof barked the order to the barristas (well, the guys who push the buttons on the automated espresso machines). Who didn't acknowledge her, but carried on with whatever they were doing. Then I hung about with everyone else that was waiting for their coffee/teas, while they asked everyone again what they wanted (as they had forgotten), and did the drinks in the wrong order. This was still going on when I finally left.

As much as I don't like that big american coffee chain that is trying to take over the world, at least they have the most successful system I've seen so far for passing on coffee orders - writing the order on the cup, and queuing it up so it doesn't get missed.

At 8.30am in the city, we need our caffine fast and efficient!

Photo thanks to Lost in Scotland(Creative Commons license)

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