Sunday, 20 April 2008

Creating easy web galleries with Lightbox2

I've been doing a bit of work the last few days on redesigning and actually adding some content to my business website. Part of the website includes some galleries - photography, and also a portfolio of web design and other work I've done.

Rather than embed flash or run something dynamic, I've gone down the static HTML pages route (the most dynamic bit is the server side includes!), and for galleries, I'm using Lightbox2 to generate the 'large' views as overlays on top of the current page. It works really well with my dark 'granite' (as I'm calling it) theme, and kind of mimics the 'lights out' functionality seen in Photoshop LightRoom.

Have a look at it in action on my 'Places' gallery (architecture and various landscapes).

Not going down the dynamic gallery route is causing me a bit of grief, having to type in all those image links, but I could spend months coding something up, which would probably annoy me even more :)

If you've interested in finding out more, have a look at the Lightbox2 site, and check out their examples.

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