Wednesday, 30 April 2008

living with the iPhone

It's been almost six months since my inital post on buying an iPhone, and it's about time I had a bit of a rant about it.

a friend for meThings that are great:
  • The touch interface. Lovin it!

  • Google maps with the 'locate me' functionality. Very cool, tho I hear in the US they are adding Wifi connections to the 'locate me' functionality to get the location even more precise. Can be a bit random in the City sometimes, showing me anywhere within a 1km radius, which in the City of London can mean the difference between getting a cold beer, and a warm flat beer!

  • Data on the run - 24/7 email and internet is great. A bit slow at times when stuck on a GPRS connection. And not worrying about the bill is great too!

  • Things that are annoying:
  • Safari getting a bit grumpy occasionally and not loading pages or responding to 'clicks'. Sometimes sorted by resetting Safari (holding the 'home' button down for 5 secs until Safari closes), but sometimes I have to resort to a hard reset (power down). Not a biggie, but annoying (will have to check the crash reports when I get home and see if I can spot what's causing it)

  • HTML emails which are designed for 'wider' screens (yup, some people hard code the width of html elements in emails grrrr) - should be able to flip the screen sideways for these

  • Some text areas are a bit hard to type in as they don't fit on the screen, so it's often a case of type and hope for the best! Not too sure how that could be solved, perhaps limiting the width of text area fields, or scrolling horizontally as you type?

  • The endless demos to friends/co-workers/random joes on the street :) (actually, I don't mind too much!)

  • Things that need improving:
  • Text messaging! It's pretty basic at the moment - no forwarding of texts, no picture messaging. This really needs looking at, and could be done by software updates.

  • The camera needs some work. Really bad in low light (gets the shakes), and is slow to take a pic

  • The included headset/earphones are a bit rubbish. People I'm calling can barely hear me when I talk on them - I might just have a bad copy
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