Friday, 18 April 2008

No longer a bride

Nearly three months after our wedding, I can finally say we're officially done with wedding-related stuff.

Posted out the thankyou cards a couple of weeks ago, which I should have done earlier, but had to wait for the cards to arrive from the photograher, and come up with something to write in them!

And the last wedding thing happened this morning: the big official wedding photo album arrived by courier from NZ. It's a lot bigger than I expected (takes up the whole coffee table!), so I'll have to find a good home for it in our teeny flat. I'll post up some 'unboxing' photos later.

Almost feel a bit sad that the wedding stuff is all over - guess I'll have to unsubscribe from those wedding related blogs now huh :)


Edit: I've just uploaded some unboxing pics to flickr


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