Monday, 28 April 2008

Slightly missing the point?

I've just got annoyed about a rss feed I read regularly via google reader.

The rss feed link goes off to an ad page, before redirecting to the actual permalink. As much as this annoys me at home, I just put up with it. However, when reading from work, the ad page is blocked by the internet filter, so I can't get to the permalink via the rss reader, and have to go to the site directly.

There are two WTF's with this:
One, the feed is for articles posted by one of the most prominet user interface usability 'experts' in the field. Two, the rss feeds from his site never contain ANY content, just the title, so we're forced to go to his site to read the article... which rather defeats the purpose of using a rss feed!

My suggestions:
- Remove the ad redirect page. Put the ads in your feed, or on the site, so those of us stuck behind a firewall with content blocking can still get there from the feed.
- Put some content in the feed. IE in Blogger (and probably most rss engines/blogging engines) there is the option to show only a short synopis version of the post, or cut off at 200 characters etc. Enough content to get people interested, but still get them to go to the permalink.

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