Thursday, 15 May 2008

feed me

I find it weird that none of the stock photography sites I contribute to provide either daily digest emails of sales, or rss feeds to track sales.

K has written me a html scraper in ruby that spits out a rss feed for shutterstock, but I don't think I'll ask him to go through the pain of doing any more sites! Can't see why this would be such a big problem for the sites to implement.


  1. I think it's related to publishing details of a users account publicly. A lot of people probably don't want anybody knowing what they sell/earn on a site. And given there isn't any standard way of protecting/authorising a feed(that I know of) sites probably don't go to the trouble. Of course this doesn't excuse not having at least an email/im notification facility.

    Maybe I could hook it up to jabber for you so you can get realtime sales updates =]


  2. I was thinking something like how google calendar publishes 'private' calendar feeds... the uri for the feed is something totatlly random, and you can only find 'your' link in the authenticated pages. And of course something like this should be 'opt in', so by default each persons feed ISN'T published.

    I wouldn't be too worried if someone randomly managed to stumble on my feed address, tho if they can make it random enough that wouldn't happen. And just like gcal, have the ability to reset your 'random' uri.

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