Saturday, 10 May 2008

The new TV is in the mail...

I love ordering online, when things go smoothly. When you don't own a car, online ordering and delivery are great. Just ordered a new TV to replace our very aging old 20" Sony CRT telly. We've gone for a 40" Samsung LE40A656, which is getting really good reviews. Can't wait for it to arrive now!

Have ordered through Comet, who say it will be delivered tomorrow between 10am and 2pm. Tune in tomorrow to see if it arrives or not!

40" might be a bit overkill in our teeny lounge, and there will have to be some serious rearranging of gear to fit it in :) Will have to pick up a PS3 now to go with it, coupla games and some blueray movies. mmmmm

As for the old telly, we'll probably be nice and send it to a new home via our local freecycle group, hopefully someone will want it!

Image from's flickr photostream, under creative commons licence


  1. Well, it arrived at 10:15am this morning. Well done Comet :)

    Had it set up by 11am, Kerry went to Maplins and got a HDMI cable for the PS3 that we picked up yesterday, and got the PS3 all set up.

    A bit of fiddling with settings, and we're pretty happy. Freeview isn't fantastic, but at 40" I never really expected it to be! Watching the F1 Grand Prix now, which is behaving well.

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