Monday, 19 May 2008

now we're streamin with gas....

thanks to mediatomb, we are now able to serve up video (and photos and mp3s) off our NAS device to the new big TV, via a bit of a round about route -- mediatomb lives on our server, and serves data off the NAS device, then the PS3 has a UPnP client which plays the media on the tv. (yeah... it is confusing!). Will be interesting to see how much the network freaks out...

k had to mess about a bit to get divx working (some transcoding thing that has to happen on the mediatomb server), and there are a few more tweaks we want to try, but it was pretty painless in the end. I'll see if k will post a howto (for gentoo of course!). Now we're watching stuff on 40" tho, it's not looking so flash! Time to start getting higher res cuts of stuff (and blow out our storage space!).


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