Thursday, 10 July 2008


O2 have made a total shambles of the iPhone launch, and they've pretty much said so on their website.

The deal is: new customers (who don't have an O2 contract) can just toodle on down to any Apple store, grab a phone, and set up their new contract instore. However, existing iPhone users who have been 'offered' free or cheap upgrades to the 3G version HAVE to go into an O2 or Carphone Warehouse store to do the upgrade.

O2 in their blinding wisdom quietly opened up their website for 'pre orders' without telling any of the existing customers (incl me), so in 3 hours they managed to presell all of their stock to people wanting new contracts.

And the kicker, is this quote from the O2 website:
We are experiencing unprecedented demand for the device and whilst we are confident that all customers who want iPhone 3G will get one by the end of this summer, initial supply is limited and will be for some weeks... On average, we will only have a few dozen iPhone 3Gs per store... Some O2 stores will open at 8.02am on Friday, others a bit later.

Right... so I can turn up at a store on Friday at 8.02 am (random!), and *hope* they will open up. Then fight for one of the few dozen phones in store, and probably be late for work.

Surely the *logical* option would have been to only sell to existing customers first, via the online store. Then any 'new' iPhone customer can either go to Apple (who probabaly have a bigger stock than O2/CPW), or fight it out after the existing iPhone customers have got theirs.

All in all, this is a total shambles, O2. And one of the reasons I shuddered when I heard O2 would be the sole carrier back at the original UK iPhone launch. I can't stand their slimy sales people (CPW is worse), who try to force you into insurance and accessories bundles, and have totally incorrect information. A friend who has 'preordered' his phone has already started to be billed by O2 before the contract has even started, and on calling them was told his phone should have already arrived (before the launch). Bunch of clowns.

Rant over for now.


  1. i too am with o2 and CPW, and its time for an upgrade, so I am thinking of going this route as well... however I am shuddering at the idea of having to deal with them for it! hmmm I am waiting until the smoke dies down.

  2. Totally agree Rachael, I've been wanting an iPhone for ages, I'd pre-registered, and jumped on the website first thing on Monday morning when I got my text message. The website crashed, I posted my order details at least 5 times, never got a confirmation. Eventually I got a confirmation page telling me that had succeeded in ordering an iPhone and I'd receive an email shortly. The email never arrived and now I'm just waiting to see how many iPhone show up at my house tomorrow. If I get five then I might have a problem.

    I'm just glad that I don't live in Canada or NZ with their ridiculous data fees.

    Still eager to get my hands on the wee beastie but the buy experience has certainly left a bitter taste about 02's competence.

  3. I take it all back. My one iPhone landed on the door mat Friday morning. Had a little trouble getting the sim card worked out (they sent a new sim that didn't work even though I'm keeping my old number) but now I'm leaving this comment using it. My typing is improving. It is very beautiful.

  4. @tom styles - nice to hear! I'm pretty happy with the 2.0 software update (after a bit of pain getting the phone to reactivate on iTunes!), so the annoyance factor is dropping a bit. However I went down to Apple Regent st on Sat with my husband, as he's after a new iPhone + contract, and we got there around 11am, but were turned away, as the queue already upstairs (100 people?) were probably going to take all day to process on the O2 systems. We'll just sit back and wait I think. Hopefully we'll be 3G sometime this year!