Friday, 11 July 2008

.mac is dead. long live mobile me!

Been seeing a few comments about the new .mac replacement, 'MobileMe' site being up intermittently today.

Just tried to get into (the old .mac website), but it's down for maintainence right now, and my iDisk just went offline also (not that I've ever really used my iDisk ever, so it's not a problem!). I guess the switch over to MobileMe is kicking in so I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow and have a bunch of new software to install:
  • MobileMe app/prefs/etc (whatever sync software they need)
  • The iPhone 2.0 software (this is the 'biggie' for me!)
  • All the apps I've already downloaded (free ones only! Twitteriffic, Exposure, Facebook and the Apple Remote control software) from the iTunes App Store - already upgraded my iTunes today. Weirdly, doing a 'Check for Update' from iTunes didn't find the update, but going through Mac Software Update found it. Strange...
Big day for Apple tomorrow - lots of new stuff coming out on the same day all over the world. Don't think I can be bothered hanging about outside an O2 shop in the early hours of the morning to fight for an iPhone 3G upgrade, I'll just grab the 2.0 software, and wait until the 3G furor dies down a bit. There goes my early adopter status!

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