Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Newcastle Millenium Bridge

Newcastle Aug 08
Newcastle Aug 08
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From a trip away this weekend to Newcastle. A shot of the Millennium bridge 'tilting' - it tips right up to let ships pass underneath.

Ironically, none of the pubs we visited in Newcastle had any Newcastle Brown in stock....

Thursday, 21 August 2008


just had a rather funny email from contractor UK, which contains two articles - where the titles totally contradict each other! wtf?! click on the image to see the bigger version - they are the first and third articles.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

minature fun

Minature Paris

I always like it when someone favourites an old image on flickr and it pops up from the depths... I almost forgot I had done these series of 'minature' scenes. This one is from a Paris trip - go to the flickr page to find the tutorial I used to 'minaturise' the image.

fabulous font!

Just seen a great new font released by Darden Studio: 'Jubilat'

Very pretty! Just wish I could afford to buy it!

Link via the daily report (jeffrey zeldman)

Monday, 18 August 2008


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an oldie and a goodie

This is an image I really like. Stood out in the cold for a few hours during a photography class to get this one. Night Bus, London, Dec 2006.
Night Bus
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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TubeStatus on iPhone

Further to my call for a public API from Transport For London (for journey planning and live status), I found an App called 'TubeStatus' in the Apple/iTunes App Store on the weekend, that seems to scrape current status + notices for the Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

So there's part of my wish come true! I think this is being achieved by Screen Scraping tho, which isn't very elegant for the future (if the TFL site changes, the dev needs to be pretty quick to update their app), tho I might be wrong!

Thanks to Malcolm Barkley.. can't find a website for ya tho - shout out if you want a link Malcolm!

Oh yeah, I finally upgraded to the 3G iPhone this weekend too, as can be seen by the screenshot above. Ended up sticking with 8GB, as I was struggling to find a 16GB in Central London, without queuing or ordering then going back every day to see if it was in... (as one guy did in one of the O2 stores I was in). As to the old 1st gen iPhone, it's still in use, but I'm keeping quiet about that :)

more red bull shots for sale

another set of shots are up for sale on shutterstock.

go buy em! the new 'on demand' plan looks good from shutterstock - much cheaper than the old monthly subscriptions.

Red bull air race, london 2008

Red bull air race, london 2008

Red bull air race, london 2008

Thursday, 7 August 2008

shameless pimpin'

here's a bit of pimping of images taken this weekend at the Red Bull Air Race in London (full media accreditation yay!). all are available exclusively at shutterstock under editorial licenses, through either the subscription, or the new 'on demand' license model (a bit cheaper for those that only want a few images here and there).

Go buy them here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Instant SnootI was thinking about materials we might have lying around to make a quick and easy snoot for my flash, when viola! I remembered people saying to use mousemats, and that lead me to thinking... I found a neoprene beer holder (thanks A & S! From their wedding favours!) in the cupboard - one with no 'bottom' in it, and it works perfectly as an instant snoot.

Instant SnootNo gaffer tape, no messing about. Black on the inside, and seems pretty much like its not loosing any light through it. Now to find some black straws to make a grid to shove in the end.