Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TubeStatus on iPhone

Further to my call for a public API from Transport For London (for journey planning and live status), I found an App called 'TubeStatus' in the Apple/iTunes App Store on the weekend, that seems to scrape current status + notices for the Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

So there's part of my wish come true! I think this is being achieved by Screen Scraping tho, which isn't very elegant for the future (if the TFL site changes, the dev needs to be pretty quick to update their app), tho I might be wrong!

Thanks to Malcolm Barkley.. can't find a website for ya tho - shout out if you want a link Malcolm!

Oh yeah, I finally upgraded to the 3G iPhone this weekend too, as can be seen by the screenshot above. Ended up sticking with 8GB, as I was struggling to find a 16GB in Central London, without queuing or ordering then going back every day to see if it was in... (as one guy did in one of the O2 stores I was in). As to the old 1st gen iPhone, it's still in use, but I'm keeping quiet about that :)

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  1. There is no API - all the solutions I've found are scrapers. I've started using their SMS service now - post something like

    dep bkh arr lbg 10:00

    will give you the 5 or 6 trains departing Blackheath from 10:00 and arriving at London Bridge. Still clunky but better than trying to browse on my phone.