Wednesday, 17 September 2008


The new canon 5D mk II has been finally announced... and it looks rather tasty. The rumor mill has got most of the specs about right - go read up the specs here:

Not too sure about the HD movie recording , might be a nice 'gimmick', but if it can compete with the current HD recorders out there I might be convinced!

21.1MP sounds rather nice. Does 'environmental protection' mean fully weather sealed?

Current RRP seems to be running at £2,299 for body only, and avail Nov 08. I will be in the queue!


  1. >I will be in the queue!

    Not at that price!

  2. never said I'd be in the queue with any money! :)

  3. Put my name on a waiting list for this baby today. Current shipping date estimate is late Oct - great if it's in time for our All Blacks tour in Scotland and Ireland in November.