Tuesday, 16 September 2008

streaming HD content to PS3

it took literally HOURS of googling last night to find the solution to this, so I'm going to help the google hits by posting a link :: mediatomb transcoding settings to get H264/AVC encoded mkv (matroska - the enclosure of choice it seems for HD content) files streaming via mediatomb/DLNA to the PS3:

(via http://disorganism.com/journal/)


Tho note - as mediatomb is transcoding, the file can't be paused, restarted or skipped through, so be prepared to watch your movie/show in one sitting!


  1. hi!

    i've also been searching for those settings. as soon as i am at home i will test it.
    thanks a lot!
    by the way, pausing is not possible by pressing the start button, but it is possible by pressing the ps button.

    thx, luki

  2. Hi Luki, glad I could help.
    Annoyingly, when using the VLC transcoding/streaming, rather than just using mediatomb as a way to access the file on the PS3, the stream can't be paused, fast forwarded or anything. I'm not sure why this is - something to do with the streaming.